County Line Landfill opening Gas-to-Energy facility

MARSHALL COUNTY — The new six megawatt project at County Line Landfill is capable of generating enough energy to power more than 3,200 area homes. Harnessing waste by-product into renewable energy leaves a cleaner and healthier northern Indiana for future generations and is an effective means of recycling and reusing this valuable resource.
In conjunction with Earth Day, Republic Services and Aria Energy will host an open house at the Landfill’s gas-to-energy facility located at the County Line Landfill in Argos on Thursday, April 23, from 10 to 11 a.m. This is an opportunity for the community and local media to see the renewable energy facility. Refreshments and a facility tour available following the brief ribbon cutting program. This program is hosted by Republic Services and Aria Energy.
Republic Services partnered with Aria Energy on design, development and management of the new project. Republic Services has implemented 73 landfill gas-to-energy projects nationwide. Together, these projects harness enough electricity to power or heat approximately 400,000 households.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the combined environmental benefits from these projects are equal to removing more than four million cars from our roads or planting more than 4.5 million acres of trees each year.
As a landfill fills with waste, gases are produced as a natural by-product as the waste decomposes. The landfill gas that is collected contains approximately 50 percent methane which is either destroyed by combusting it in a flare or is diverted to an on-site treatment facility for the conversion of this gas to energy. This project involves the extraction of gas from the landfill, processing the extracted gas, and then distributing the processed gas to a facility where it is converted into energy that supplies the local electric grid.
A benefit of the destruction or usage of the landfill gas is that it prevents the raw methane from escaping into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.
The EPA has endorsed landfill gas as an environmentally friendly energy resource. Using it reduces reliance on fossil fuels, such as coal and oil. The EPA estimates that three megawatts of energy produced from landfill gas is equal to preventing carbon emissions generated by the consumption of 16.6 million gallons of gasoline. Based on EPA calculations, the new County Line Landfill gas-to-energy project prevents carbon emissions equivalent to the consumption of more than 32 million gallons of gasoline.