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Project design, engineering, permitting and construction are managed in-house by Aria Energy staff with the expertise in environmental management, engineering and construction of LFG to energy projects. Whether we are constructing a project we will own and operate or a turn-key facility, Aria Energy oversees the commercial-business management of all contracts and suppliers. To ensure our services meet our customers’ needs, Aria Energy finds innovative ways to improve, expand and maintain the systems we have in place.

Project Map

Aria Energy Investor Map

Power - 175.4 Megawatt

Project Name Location Gross MW
Riverview MI 6.6*
I-95 Phase II VA 3.2
Adrian MI 2.4*
Salem Energy NC 4.6*
Seneca Power NY 17.6
Ann Arbor MI 0.8
Ocean County NJ 4.8
Pine Tree Acres Phase I & II MI 8.8
Carleton Farms MI 11.2
Model City NY 5.6
Ontario NY 11.2
Modern NY 4.8
Kiefer Phase II CA 6.1*
Colonie NY 6.4
Salt Lake UT 3.2*
Ocean County Phase II NJ 9.6
Seminole County FL 4.8
Brevard County FL 6.4
Hernando County FL 1.6
Trail Ridge FL 9.6
Fulton NY 3.2
Erie CO 3.2
Sunshine Canyon CA 19.4*
Sarasota FL 6.4
County Line IN 7.5
Sacromento CA 9.2

Gas - 24,880 MMBtu/day

Project Name Location MMBtu/day
I-95 Phase III VA -
KC LFG KS 3,480
Oklahoma City OK 1,970
SE Oklahoma City OK 2,000*
Butler County NE 790
Seneca Gas NY 4,000
SWACO OH 4,000
North Shelby TN 2,020*
Canton MI 2,620*
South Shelby TN 4,000*

O&M - 31.6 Megawatt

Five projects under management

*Project size reflects the rated capacity of a partnership or joint venture project.