Republic Services®, Aria Energy and BP Celebrate the Activation of a Major Renewable Energy Project

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., September 24, 2018 /3BL Media/ – Republic Services and energy partners Aria Energy and BP celebrated the commissioning of a landfill gas to renewable natural gas (RNG) project located at the Southeast Oklahoma Landfill, outside of Oklahoma City.

According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculations, this project directly reduces close to 17,000 tons of methane and avoids the equivalent of more than 40,000K tons of carbon dioxide annually. Simply put, this is the equivalent of removing 1,800 passenger vehicles from the road annually.

“We believe in leading by example in everything we do,” said Jay Hochenedel, general manager of Republic Services. “This renewable energy project reflects Republic’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and our efforts to make a meaningful and sustainable difference in the communities we serve. Oklahoma is home to considerable natural beauty and we are truly proud to invest in its preservation.”

Aria Energy operates the project at Republic’s landfill by processing and purifying the landfill gas (LFG) into RNG. BP transports the RNG into the interstate natural gas pipeline and makes it commercially available to renewable energy customers.

“BP is excited to take the clean-burning renewable natural gas developed at this new facility and make it available to the transportation fueling sector,” said Sean Reavis, BP senior vice president – global environmental products. “This project is the latest example of BP’s commitment to a lower-carbon energy future, and we look forward to helping make it a success.”

LFG is produced naturally as waste decomposes and consists of roughly 50 percent methane. Landfills above a certain size are required to install a collection system to transport the gas to a collection facility. After collection, the Southeast Oklahoma City facility upgrades the LFG in a beneficial-use energy project. This process displaces the use of fossil fuels, which can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the community.

“We are thrilled to partner with Republic Services and BP on this project.” said Richard DiGia, Aria Energy’s president and chief executive officer. “This project contributes to our ongoing efforts to convert gas generated by municipal waste into clean, useful renewable energy for vehicles, homes and businesses.”

The RNG produced at the Southeast Oklahoma Landfill is used as a fuel for natural gas vehicle fleets, including heavy-duty trucks. Use of this low-carbon fuel results in approximately 70 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than from equivalent gasoline or diesel fueled vehicles.

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